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Structural repair

Reinforced concrete is not eternal, and TECRESA for many years has been performing in the field of protection against the mechanical, physical and chemical agression within the most demanding Industry. TECRESA in his performance goes further, repairing the concrete elements which these agressions have suffered so as for them to recover its capacities as structural elements before being protected.

But it is not only the exposition to industrial conditions that damages the concrete structural elements. Concrete is being affected along the years due to the reinforced coating, bad or inadequate constructive designs,etc. The overwhelming advance of the deterioration of the concrete element must be interrupted before its collapse or remain out of service and it is from the detection of the problem onwards and the analysis of the different indicators that show the source of the problem, that TECRESA performs proposing a solution that can recover the concrete element again with almost or big part of its initial capacities, and protecting it in the most adequate way so as to avoid as far as it is possible that the pathology arises again, controlling or minimizing it.

TECRESA is aware of the importance of concrete as structural element where it develops a basic and important but never ornamental function. Thus, it tries to obtain the necessary information so that the repair, and if it is necessary, the reinforcement, adjusts to the real needs. In this way, TECRESA carries out projects based on studies done by independent Engineerings that diagnose the existing pathologies, and recommend a detailed repair and backing, and if it is necessary, can supervise the execution and release a final report of the work done.

Structure Repair: Repair of Beams and Columns; and Equipments and Deposits

The nature and causes of the concrete degradation must be identified and registered, including the combination of both of them. Many defects are the result of an inadequate design, a bad specification, an erroneous execution or inappropriate materials. The successful repair of a structure starts with a correct evaluation of the state in which it is and the identification of the cause of the degradation.
Mechanical causes: Impact, overloading, vibrations or settlement movements.
Chemical Causes: Agressive agents such as sulphates, soft water, salts, biological activities.
Physical Causes: freeze/thaw, thermal, crystallization of salts, shrinkage, erosion and wearing.
Degradation due to the corrosion of reinforcement: Carbonation, chloride and current attacks.

Structure Backing: Reinforcement with Steel and Carbon Fiber

TECRESA uses as one of the options for the reinforcement of structures and equipment made of carbon fibre, both the form of laminations and tissue. It has mechanical properties similar to steel and it is as light as wood or plastic. Due to its hardness it has more resistance to the impact than steel and offers countless opportunities of concrete backing and until a few years ago it involved expensive operations due to the necessary means, both technical and human.
The main advantages these products offer versus other technical reinforcements are: Behaviour to traction 10 times superior to steel, density, versatility, reinforcement capacity not only to flexion, sharpness but also to compression, ease and speed in the installation and basic calculation by means of computer programs.