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Surface protection

TECRESA supplies and applies corrosion-proof products .We are a specialized company in floorings for the Industrial and Agroalimentary Sector.

A team of qualified professionals with a wide experience of more than 25 years is available, widely capable of carrying out any work in acid-proof assemblies with the highest guarantees of quality, safety and speed. The excellency of our service is completed with the resource of material media of the latest generation.

In the industrial sector, the versatility and demand are maximum, due to it we can find a wide variety of conditions and requirements to fulfill. According to the mechanical, chemical and thermal requests anticorrosive solutions are selected among ceramic tile flooring, continuous flooring, rubber lining or a combination of them.

Depending on the nature of the support, concrete or metal, the carrying out of the corresponding preparation support will be necessary: sanding, drilling, peening or blasting, meeting with the required project specification.
Main Sectors: Petrochemical; Chemical; Agroalimentary Industry; Thermal Power Stations; Energy; Siderurgy and Metallurgy
Applications in industry:In general, any horizontal or vertical surface suffering from a mechanical, chemical, and thermal agression or a combination of the latter.
Storage tanks; Cylindrical tanks; Safety and retention Cubestos; Pickling tanks; Canals and effluent Ditches; Reactors, Drying, absorbing and cooling Towers; Scrubbers; Production Areas; Storage Areas; Unloading Truck Platforms; Gas and Stack Ducts; Cold Stores; among others.

Continuous Industrial Floorings

Certified applicators in Agroalimentary Floorings
• The resin coatings of TECRESA have demonstrated a high efficiency in industrial flooring linings, tanks and walls exposed to corrosive aggressions.
• The products to be applied are required according to the surface requirements of the specific surface, as well as the media conditions.
• Resin Types: Resin Epoxy Basis ,Resins of Polyurethane basis, Resins of Methacrylate Basis, Resins of Polyester Basis, Resins of Vynilister Base
• System Types: Leveling systems, Antislip systems, Duct systems.

Industrial Flooring Based on Acid-Proof Ceramic Tiling and Sealing with Resin

All those installations where chemical products are used, produced, stored and manipulated, must be protected efficiently against corrosion. Ceramic systems, together with resins and sealing layers, protect the installations, that is to say, floor and walls against all agressive products.
The Acid-proof protection systems of TECRESA guarantee the installations against chemical agressions.
The ceramic linings of TECRESA are of great use in sectors such as Chemical, Petrochemical, and Agroalimentary industry, among others.
Resin Types: of Epoxy basis, Polyurethane basis, Furane basis, Polyester basis, Vynilester basis Potassium Silicate basis.


Ceramic System with Acid-proof Rejoint
This system consists of the placing of acif-proof antacid tiles that will be seated on hydraulic mortar creating masterpieces and matching the irregularities of the floor leaving thus, a completely smooth and regular surface. The joints between tiles will be left empty for its further sealing with an acid-proof mastic to be selected according to the chemical attack based on: epoxy, furane, polyester, vinylester and potassium silicate among others, following the system of poured rejoining. This system offers a chemical and mechanical limited resistance.

Acid- Proof Massive System
This system consists of the placing of acid-proof antacid tiles that will be placed massive according to the chemical attack of the process following the rejoint by pouring. This system has an excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. Additionally, it is possible to put the acid-proof mastic, a sealing layer that will allow a total water-proofing of the lining. This sealing layer is based on an epoxy resin.

Rubber Lining

Supply and application of rubber linings against corrosion, abrassion and chemical attack problems that arise in the industrial processes.
Application Products:
Soft rubbers (which are those that once vulcanized acquire their own mechanical properties among which are Rubber, Natural, Chloroprene or Butyl), ebonite (an specific kind of hard rubber once vulcanized), prevulcanized rubbers with the possibility to be supplied with its final physico-chemical properties.
Application process:
Elimination of the existing lining, preparation of the support, lining application (gumming, ceramic tile or brick, resin or a combination of both), vulcanization under pressure.

Main sectors and application equipments:
• Chemical industry and electrochemical: Reactors, thickeners, scrubbers, absorption towers, drying towers, agitators, heat exchangers piping, tanks and effluent treatments among others.
• Petrochemical: Tanks and process deposits such as water boxes, gas washers, heat exchangers, scrubbers.
• Thermal and nuclear power stations: Ducts, gas exhangers and washer towers, among others
• Fertilizer plants and manures: Thickeners, equipments of sulfuric acid plants ,of amonia, and phosphoric, among others
• Siderurgical and metallurgical industry: Pickling tanks, ducts and chimneys, scrubbers, Venturi equipments among others
• Fluid, water and gas treatment: Scrubbers, fans, effluent treatment plants, among others.
• Mineral treatment: Clasiffiers, Decanters among others.

Surface Treatment and SandBlasting

Structure treatments with chemical products in equipments in general, for the protection against physical, chemical or abrassive agressions or mixture of both of them.
• Steel and concrete deposits
• Stacks, ducts
• Teams in general which require a special treatment.