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Industrial Maintenance

We usually define maintenance as the set of aiming at preserving industrial equipment and installations on service for as longer as possible and with the maximum yield.
TECRESA carries out industrial refractory maintenance since 1986 for different sectors, an activity that implies a high of specialization that only the best prepared companies can offer. A highly qualified team of proffesionals and with a wide experience in different sectors, trained to carry out any work assigned with the máximum guarantees of quality, safety and speed. Among the main sectors we aim at are: siderurgical, metallurgical, petrochemistry, incineration, cement and lime.
As support to the needs of installation maintenance which contain refractory materials, TECRESA has qualified staff and in continuous training, for the maintenance of appended installations, with training in safety, advice and supervision of our technical offices.


Refractory Supply and Installation

Refractory IntegralMaintenance in Steelworks and Laminations
• Maintenance of Electric Forging Furnaces
• Heating Caps Spoons and Tundish
• Ladles, Converters and Throughs
• Wash plates and Tancredos
• Piece Manufacturing
• Maintenace Laminating Furnaces
• Demolition, cleaning, sanitized equipment
• Several works

Superficial Protection

Maintenance of industrial floorings in general

Partial repairs of deteriorated areas such as joints, manholes, accesses to chambers or warehouses as well as areas of high traffic with heavy machinery, repair or protection of safety cubetos or retention chemically attacked, physically or mechanically in the industrial sector.
Lining ceramic tile in agroalimentary industry: factories of canned fish and canned vegetables, food, milk, cheese, beer, wineries, chemical, building companies, industrial buildings and cookers among others.

Passive Fire Protection and Structural Repair

Installation maintenance in general:
• Design of lightweight mortars based rockwool, perlite and vermiculite for indoor or outdoor applications
• Installation of intumescent accesories(foams, sleeves, neck stocks, grids, intumescent bags, among others)
• Fireproof panels for protection of structures, firewall stripes, wall linings, partitions, suspended ceilings, among others
• Sectorization and electrical protection and ventilation ducts
• Repair of beams, columns, equipments and deposits
• Deposits, silos, piping, lining, wetlands, precast reinforced concrete elements.
• Backing of Structures with steel and carbon fiber